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In S T E R E O S C O P E

Poets respond to photographic images

This event took place on Wed 14 - Sun 18 March
The Byre Theatre, Abbey Street – Bar & Bistro

STEREOSCOPE magazine serves as a platform to showcase student work within the wider realm of photography. Created by St Andrews University students, the magazine draws on the photographic history of St Andrews and works with the support of the University’s special collections. The magazine is produced annually with an accompanying exhibition, each issue exploring a particular theme. For this installation, poets were invited to respond to specific of the images in the magazine and the poems produced during the project are projected along with the images.

The poets, poems and photographs featured are:

Funeral On The Tay, by Andy Jackson
By the Great River, by Maureen Sangster
Sea-Henge, by Elizabeth Rimmer
The Dilemma, by Colin Will
Vigil, by Karen Doherty
Moon Goddess, by Sheena Berry
Photograph: Untitled, by Roman Koblov
Photograph: Untitled, by Jeremy Waterfield

In partnership with Stereoscope Magazine, the University of St Andrews Photography publication


All images are copyright © StAnza or individual named photographers. Please do not use without permission.