Best poem of the Edinburgh festivals, 2016

Monday 22 August 2016

So how has your festival been so far as we move into the last week of the August Edinburgh festival season? Amidst all the awards for comedy and drama, let's not forget all the brilliant poetry there has been as well. Last year StAnza ran a competition to find the "Best Poem of the Festival" and we're happy to do so again this year. So do let us have your nominations for best poem. Once we've had a selection of nominations, we'll do a poll to find the grand favourite, with either the top 12 nominations, or the first 12 received if we get inundated. Any poem you heard or saw read or performed anywhere in Edinburgh this month is eligible, whether it was part of the Fringe, the Book Festival, one of any of the sub-festivals, or even the official Festival.  You can email your nomination to or tweet it to @StAnzaPoetry, or post it on the StAnza Facebook Page any time up until Tuesday 30th August. Give us the name of the poet, where you heard the poem, and the name of the poem, or a description of if if you can't recall the exact name. So get these nominations coming in!