Camera, lights, action!

Monday 27 July 2020

Camera, lights, action! Filming Yourself - a StAnza Guide for Poets

Most of us have probably seen more poets reading online over lockdown than in the previous several years. It's great how willing so many have been to film themselves reading and performing for all the online festivals and projects which have worked hard to fill the echoing void left by the absence of live poetry events since March.

Some poets are already expert at this, but for others it has been quite a challenge. As it seems likely that virtual poetry is going to be with us longterm, we thought it would be helpful to offer some tips on how to produce a great effort while filming yourself at home. So, thanks to Kevin Mclean and his team, here it is, our video guide to producing your own poetry video. We hope you find it helpful - and even if you don't plan to be filming yourself anytime soon, it's worth watching anyway, just for the entertainment element.