Capture the immediacy: visual minuting at StAnza

Monday 18 March 2013

There was an extra aspect to StAnza’s Poetry Breakfast, in keeping with the Designs on Poetry theme. We invited photographer, artist and video poem maker Ariadne Radi Cor  to act as a visual minuter. Ariadne created her beautiful and informative ‘minutes’ of the discussions, while they were happening.


and the results  went on display in the Supper Room at the Town Hall during the rest of the festival.  This one was made during the Poetry Breakfast on eco poetry and features sketches of the participants, Andrew Forster, David Borthwick, Mandy Haggith and Carry Akroyd and some of the points they made about nature, trees, landscape and poetry.


Ariadne also makes collages and this set of minutes features a little 3 -dimensional notetaking too:

Photographs by Chris Scott 

You can find out more about Ariadne's work at