Cathedral Kirk 2.0 online now

Friday 15 April 2016

Poetry met digital gaming technology this year at StAnza. One of the many new poems we commissioned for the festival was from the Faroese/Danish poet Rúni Weihe. We asked him to write in response to the virtual reconstruction of the ruined cathedral in St Andrews by Virtual Open Worlds group at the university here. The multilingual writer Jessica Johannesson Gaitán was then commissioned to translate Rúni's poem into English. During the festival the resulting poems, in Danish and English were shown as a digital projection on images of the virutal reconstruction. Our collaborators at the university then added the English version of Rúni's poem to a video walk-through of the reconstructed cathedral and you can now see this online here. The poem is called Et Skummet Løfte / A Frothed Promise. 

And if you prefer to take time to read the poem, in both the original and translation, you can do that as well now online with this pdf download.

PDF icon Cathedral Kirk 2.0 3 aa.pdf