Cue drum roll, the winner is announced!

Sunday 30 August 2015

Thanks to the hundreds of you who voted as well as the 17 who made the nominations. Not a bad response to an idea which was only thought up on Thursday night. Anyway, that's 5pm past and we've counted up the votes.

The runaway winner by a mile was Kevin McLean for "Evelyn", getting 29% of the vote, so congratulations to him.

The next two poems received 11% and 10% of the vote respectively so let's call them joint runners up, that's "Hanging with Poets" by The Antipoet and "4Plus" by @PoetBigCharlie. More congratulations to them.

And well done to all the poets nominated. Given the many hundreds of poems which must have been read in Edinburgh this month, even to be nominated is some recognition.