Edinburgh festival season is coming up soon ....

Monday 9 July 2012

A month from now Edinburgh will be jam-packed with festivals, and if past years are anything to go by, a plethora of poetry and spoken word events will feature at many of them. As well as the Edinburgh International Book Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe, there is a wide range of sub-festivals, free festivals and stand-alone events. But many as there will be, it’s hard to track them all down amongst the thousands of events taking place around the city. There will also soon be a plethora of accompanying festival websites, brochures and flyers, not to mention Facebook posts, blog entries and tweets, but as far as StAnza is aware, as yet no one-stop for poetry and spoken word enthusiasts to find out all that's on offer. Alas.

So this summer, as a gesture of support both to those staging poetry and spoken word events, and to those who wish to attend, StAnza plans to put together and post online a diary of the poetry and spoken word related events taking place in Edinburgh next month, insofar as we can find the information. How comprehensive this will be depends in part on you. We're inviting festival and event organisers as well as performers and supporters to give us information on events we should include. The information we are looking for, preferably in this format and order, is as follows:

Start date (eg 5th - we assume August so no need to say so)

End date

Start to end time (7.00pm-8.00pm)

Event title

Performer(s) name(s)

Venue name and short address  (we assume Edinburgh so no need to say so)


Notes (eg adult only, for children, outdoors, etc)

Weblink (one only)

We’ll make up a database of this, which you can see here. So if people can provide information in that format, all the better, but if not, we’ll be able to adapt it.  However we’re only looking for poetry and spoken word related events, so we wouldn’t want brochures, programmes for or links to whole festivals or related events, unless they all fit this criteria.

Please send information to info@stanzapoetry.org.  Thanks! And we’ll keep you posted about how this is going.

StAnza's Edinburgh Poetry & Spoken Word Calendar August 2012