A feast of blogs gives more than a taste

Monday 23 March 2015

Climate change event at StAnza, photo by Fiona Moore

One of this year’s innovations was to invite acclaimed bloggers to StAnza as Bloggers in Residence. Fiona Moore and Susanne Arbuckle have already produced a diverse and engrossing range of articles about the festival, viewing the festival and town in text and image, as did James Harding back as this year’s in-house blogger on the StAnza Blog, and you can read and view all their various reports online:

StAnza - inhabiting poetry, by Fiona Moore, Displacement

StAnza - Rising waters from Faroes to Brittany, by Fiona Moore, Displacement

StAnza: Celan and the Holocaust and Different Trains; Shotover, by Fiona Moore, Displacement

StAnza - island poets, by Fiona Moore, Displacement

In praise of StAnza & Carolyn Forche, by Fiona Moore, Displacement

StAnza, Scotland's most chilled out festival, by Susanne Arbuckle, Adventures Around Scotland

StAnza 2015: a weekend in St Andrews photoblog, by Susanne Arbuckle, Adventures Around Scotland

First Timers Guide to StAnza, by Susanne Arbuckle, Adventures Around Scotland

StAnza 2015 in storify

StAnza turns 18 & contemplates morality

An Archipelago of Poetry

The Unfinished Business of a poet in residence, by Clare Mulley

And a reminder that if you enjoyed StAnza 2015, either in person, by watching some of our live webcast events, or just by following us on social media, please now help us get funding for another festival by taking a few minutes to complete this online survey.



St Andrews Castle Susanne Arbuckle