Gerry Cambridge Workshop for StAnza

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Our first two events last weekend as part of the St Andrews Food and Drink Festival were everything they promised to be, and there's one still to go, a workshop on  writing about food and drink on Tuesday 26th November from 1.00pm-3.00pm in the town library, Church Square, South Street, St Andrews.

Food and drink often make memorable appearances in fact, fiction and verse. This workshop with leading poet Gerry Cambridge offers creative wordplay, looking at food and drink as metaphor and exploring attitudes to food and drink via writing. Participants may be encouraged to pen their own responses to edible classics and favourites, some of which will literally be on the table, and could give a whole new meaning to “writing on food”.  

Ticket price £3. To reserve a place, please email or phone 07900 207 429