In the mood .... to write!

Wednesday 6 January 2016

In the first of our “In the Mood for …” posts offering a special filter to help you find what you’re looking for on this year’s StAnza programme, we start with events which encourage you to write poetry yourself. If listening to poetry and meeting poets fires up your own writing, then we have just what will suit you in March.

First of all, we’d direct you to our workshop programme for 2016 which allows the opportunity to work with a wonderful range of amazing poets on an eclectic diversity of topics, mainstream and experimental.  This year the programme includes two extended workshops, one pre-festival all-day workshop with John Burnside on Tuesday 1st March in the fabulous setting of Kingsbarns Distillery, an afternoon workshop at MUSA with Thomas Lynch on the Wednesday, three two hour workshops with Jo  Bell, Matthew Sweeney and Harry Man, and a collaborative workshop with S.J. Fowler. You can find out about more about each of them in the programme by following these links:

Machines for Belonging with John Burnside

Earthly Bodies with Thomas Lynch

The Old Monkey: Poetry and Animals with Matthew Sweeney

52 Ways of Writing a Poem with Jo Bell

Intraliteral - English to English with Harry Man

The StAnza Camarade with S.J. Fowler

And if you’re looking for something less formal, why not drop in at the MUSA Museum one day during the festival and let them inspire you to write about one of their artefacts, or check out one of our Inspire Sessions which will send you out around town to find inspiration.

Again full details can be found online for the Musings@MUSA and Inspire Sessions – and we’re always keen to hear about poems which have resulted from workshops or other StAnza sessions.


Inspire Sessions

And keep an eye on the programme. We are likely to add more writing prompt events as we approach the festival.

StAnza workshop with Matthew Hollis (c) Eugene Theodore