More good news on tickets and brochures

Monday 4 February 2013

StAnza13Almost 1,000 brochures have just left the building, so those of you who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of your own copy won't have long to wait now. And a telephone call from Visit Scotland at 70 Market Street, St Andrews has just informed us that they are all set up and ready to sell tickets, about a day ahead of target, so how good is that! Well done to them. And if you want to telephone, it's 01334 474609. Meantime Dundee Rep are not lagging behind. They already have a whole range of StAnza events on line, with just a few to follow. You can check them out at So well done to them as well. And to make it a hat trick of good ticketing news, the StAnza booking page has been updated as well, and the new arrangements can be seen at And now we'll get out of the way, in case there's a stampede. But before we go, if you'd like to see the brochure online, hey presto, just like that: Stanza Brochure 2013 FINAL  Of course all things are relative. This is the Final version of the brochure as at 22nd January, just before we learned about the Byre. But info on new venues is starting to appear on the website and will be available generally very soon.