New venues for StAnza 2020

Thursday 6 February 2020

I’m writing this just four weeks before the first full day of StAnza 2020 – and my excitement, along with my to do list, is growing!

The eagle-eyed amongst our regulars might have noticed a few changes to the venues we’re using this year. To be sure that you don’t miss a favourite poet by going to the wrong venue by mistake, read on…

Our beloved Town Hall is sadly out of commission this year due to essential works being done. As a result all of our Thursday and Friday Border Crossing readings, as well as our various 1pm showcases, will be in Parliament Hall, while our Past & Present sessions – and our Poetry Market – will be at Holy Trinity church halls.

A couple of notes here. Firstly, our doors generally open ten minutes before an event starts. Unfortunately at Parliament Hall there’s nowhere to wait inside until doors open, so we recommend you use the time before events here to get yourself a coffee at Zest or to browse the treasure trove of books on offer at J & G Innes, both just across the street. You can then saunter over ten minutes before the reading starts and pick your favourite seat.

Secondly, learn from my mistakes, and don’t confuse Holy Trinity church halls with Holy Trinity Church itself. (It turns out that St Andrews parishioners have to walk quite a way for their post-service cuppa!) The church halls are on Queens Terrace as shown on our online venue map, and are just a few minutes walk from the Byre Theatre.

The easiest way to reach the church halls from the Byre is by leaving the theatre through the door on Level 2 next to the Box Office and then turning left to continue down the lane which runs between South Street and Queens Terrace. At the foot of the lane, turn right and the halls are just yards away.