Open Calls for a Micro StAnza Paid Commission

Thursday 4 June 2020

Micro StAnza Commission

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, people have been turning to poetry and discovering how suited it is to the digital world we have had to learn to inhabit. Poetry has offered both consolation and creative expression; we’ve learned anew how people turn to poetry in dark times and how quickly poetry has adapted to suit our needs. To mark this, StAnza wants to commission a new short digital poetry project which reflects and celebrates the place of poetry in these difficult days. We invite proposals for this. The project can be in any digital form which can be shared online. Submissions are open until 15 June, we will make a decision by 20 June and the completed project must be delivered to us by 20 July.

Terms and conditions:

• The deadline for commissioned work will be 20 July 2020.
• A fee of £300 will be paid after delivery of the completed work by 20 July.
• The poet or artist creating the work (hereinafter referred to as “the creator”) must certify it as their own work, or provide evidence that they have all necessary permissions to use any work featured which is not their own.
• Video or audio work should be of no more than 5 minutes in length.
• Digital work presented as photographs or text slides should be of no more than 20 slides, except where presented in a slideshow which plays in 5 minutes or less.
• The creator retains copyright of the finished work but grants permission to StAnza to use it online and/or at events and to share with partners until 20 July 2025.
• Submissions should be in the following format: a single pdf with a description of the proposed project in no more than 100 words, plus a 30 word short biog and either a sample poem or excerpt of a poem of no more than 40 lines or two images, all on the same single pdf, or a link on the pdf to a short online video or audio piece, plus your profile photograph as a separate jpeg for us to use on our website if your submission is successful.
• The finished work must acknowledge that it has been commissioned by StAnza and show logos we will supply for both StAnza and Creative Scotland.
• Submissions should be emailed to by 5pm on Monday 15 June, 2020.
• We regret that no feedback can be provided on submissions.