"Outstanding Festival"???

Tuesday 9 July 2019

George Mario Angel Quintero at StAnza 2019, photo by David Vallis

George Mario Angel Quintero at StAnza 2019, photo by David Vallis

Shout it out loud!  We are absolutely thrilled that StAnza 2019 has been shortlisted in the Outstanding Festival category of The Herald Scottish Culture Awards. This is a very welcome tribute to everyone who helped make this year's festival the success it was. The list starts, of course, with all the poets and others who took part in the festival and gave us such amazing events. Then there are our amazing audiences, the wonderful StAnza team including so many volunteers; each year we tell them that we couldn't do it without them, and each year never a truer word is spoken.

We worked with a great range of partners in 2019, and nothing would be possible without everyone at the Byre Theatre - the box office, front of house, technical team and not forgetting the bar and kitchen staff - the Town Hall, Parliament Hall and St John's Undercroft, and all the other venues we use. And underpinning it all, our funders, supporters and sponsors who have faith in us to deliver successful festivals. So, if you fall into any of the above categories, then our warmest thanks to you.

It's wonderful just to be in the shortlist, but of course we're keeping all our fingers and toes crossed until the winner is announced, which will be on Thursday 11 July.  If it's good news, of course we'll be letting you know.