Poetry fairy cakes at StAnza (or try a biscuit...)

Friday 15 March 2013

It's become almost expected that we make afternoon tea a poetic experience. We always distribute our coasters and the delightful sma buiks, from Poems for All in San Francisco, in participating local cafes. Last year's Poetry Digest's poem cum Iced Double Biscuits were supremely popular and led to the age-old question from festival goers, 'will there be no more cakes'? This year we just had to have similar, toothsome variations on theme of edible  poetry.

Literary Paparazzo Chris Scott caught up Sally Crabtree, our Poetry Postie,  as she did the rounds delivering delicious fairy cakes as poems. She topped the butterfly winged cakes with tiny scrolls, as you can see in the close-up below.


Sally (in pink wig and Postie hat) delivers some poem-cakes)/Chris Scott


And if you were feeling creative, it was possible to make an iced poem-biscuit