Poetry Map of Scotand, poem no. 207: Niddrie

Oh Niddrie

Walking alone in the cold night air
My breath freezes into mist
I walk and I see in my mind
The picture from my bedroom wall
Like an ethereal spirit
And I can hear you still
Your voice calling out to my heart
And it will stay with me

Feelings remain, emotions deeply felt
Means everything to me
My all and everything

Oh Niddrie

Your history is mine
The castle, the houses
Gone but never forgotten

Alone till the dawn and sunrise comes
Bringing a cold and empty silence
Where you once were
The slate grey skies
And a distant childhood

You are gone, long long gone
But you were everything to me
My all and everything

Oh Niddrie

Never to be replaced
Because you are in my mind
My all and my everything

Oh Niddrie


Johnni Stanton

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