Poetry Map of Scotland poem no. 10: Arran


Margaret Elfrida    late of this parish
today the sea was really nice
busy early with the yachts and
keeps her eye still beaded

The morse of oystercatchers skim
the bay    she wants us to be kind
took the ferry from the fifties
on her green bench    anticipation

Of coffee   spent life looking out
islanded the sea reflects the sky
reflects the sea    against the harsh
winters    a savory snack before

Pondering something dark in her cardigan
arbitrarily followed    who kept a brood
her washday hands      sometimes a rule
in morals and mutton    frees the mind

For thought who sat at the last in
her old chintz chair    watching a selkie
bob and dive    while the common gull
on its platform    one concentrate

Of attention    whose eyes see all how
in out in out    and waking in the
lovely molten silver    the tide's slide
morning is best    like God indulgently


Stephen Waling
First published in Captured Yes (Knives, Forks and Spoons 2011).

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