Poetry Map of Scotland poem no. 110: Dennistoun

To Live and Die in Dennistoun

No poetry in the library, no bobbies on the beat
Just a kernel of despair that cripples the spine of the street
Furnished with broken TVs and flickering street lights
Carpeted with a freshly excreted layer of dog shite
Welcome to Dennistoun – Glasgow’s wild East
The eternal heart of darkness, the belly of the beast
Rampaging bams seeking riotous acclaim
To an audience of pensioners fraught with disdain
Insipid junkies, furtive and stealthy
Communicate in coded speech unintelligible to the healthy
The woman with the crumpled face is at pains to explain
Why her pack of rabid dogs all have racist names
Venetian statues unsuccessfully guard the shrubbery
Against rubber legged drunks dying for a pee
While delinquent youths maraud and brawl
Citing their influences as religion and football
Cathartic exhibitions of frustration and regret
A legacy of disappointment summarily beset
Small men in ridiculous garb march down the street
Attempting to twirl a baton menacingly to a monophonic beat
A redundant display of cultural stupidity
An outdated show absent of validity
Walking in formation, bitter and plastered
Burdensome, boorish, bile ridden bastards
But despite the eccentrics and undesirables
Despite the colour it’s undeniable
Despite cohabiting with every weirdo you could send
I’d rather be here than the fucking west end!

Kevin P. Gilday

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