Poetry Map of Scotland poem no. 116: Blackford Hill

Meaning it: Blackford, 5am

I wish that I could share with you
the hours I passed this morning
up on Blackford Hill. Three careless
rabbits and a fox flinched by, but
no-one came, the stillness held
and I was faultless for a while.
From Lammermuir to Traprain Hill,
North Berwick, Inchcolm, Fife
my orbit ranged. It’s all reflection,
rattling of bones, and rarely, rarely
light like this that stills the soul,
till all the emptiness of heart,
false starts, uncertain moves
and misplaced love's abandoned
to the night that’s past.
Tomorrow, walk with me
up Blackford Hill again. We’ll watch
the rising sun, exhale and stay.

Graham Turner

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