Poetry Map of Scotland, poem no. 134: Aberdeen


Seagulls skreichin in yer lug like banshees
Granite spirks like fire in Union Street
The claik o Eastern Europe's on the cassies
This ile port far mony kintras meet

Rowies, stovies, Cullen skink an haddies?
Chirizo, pizzas, burgers, sushi, coke!
The buskers frae Romania are fiddlin
Siller ooto the antrin tourist's pyoke

Twa universities are thrang wi students
Frae China, India, Nigeria
Arabs an Poles keep auld religions eident
Oor Scots fowk worship clubbin an fitbaa

Oor grannies are tattooed like auncient sailors
Spray tanned an weirin Primark teenage claes
The Nor sea is the thing that niver cheenges
As gray an gurly as in Norseman days

Sheena Blackhall

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