Poetry Map of Scotland, poem no. 139: Muck

Fund a Family for Muck

They're needin tae fund a faimilie
tae fill a hoose left tuim, no enuch bairns.
The schuil noo has less than a handfie
and its metal walls sough in the stairms.
There's a richt haund-knitted community
wi nowt but ruch handcrafts and bakin
tae haud them thegither in unity.
They spend aw their time in the fields rakin
a raw livin frae saund and battered stane,
hammered bith winter and summer
by gie coorse wither and only their ain
kin tae keep them frae takin a scunner.
But the purple, red fuchsia hauds oan
withstandin awthing, its bell dirlin stroang.

Ann MacKinnon

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