Poetry Map of Scotland, poem no. 160: Lairg

Ord Hill

Crofters strayed like lambs
to the lowlands when
the potholes became roads
and the walls became stones

rippling down cnocside
to Loch Shin through
the ferrycroft wood that
grew in the space past the people.

The old ones built cairns
above the town; now history
pools in the waterhorse loch
hasped in its shadow with the

five stone steeples
facing windfarms
in a relic of the wrangle
between old and older.

Under the cnoc
only salmon still surge
upriver to Loch Shin
only peat grows wild with the fernery

the villagers slow
to drift past the ebb,
to disturb the dross
of the past.


Molly Miltenberger Murray

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