Poetry Map of Scotland, poem no. 175: Glasgow

G for Glasgow

Gallus, gritty, golden, gruesome
gigantic green-spaces and grubby (back)greens
greetin’-faced googooers and gin-sodden grannies
glad-eyed goolie-grabbers and gullible gals
gentleman gangsters and gash-faced gang-members
geared-up ganja-smokers and giant-hearted gift givers
garlic-breathed gluttonists and groovy gig-goers
Green goalscorers and Ger’s goalies (or vice versa)
G12-dwellers and Govanites
Garngad grandfaithers and Garrowhill glamourpusses
gap-toothed geezers and gossipy gasbags
ginger-heided gits and ginger-heided goddesses
glass-eyed gogglebox-watchers and gabby gobshites
golden gents, good girls, glorious grandparents
grateful Glasgwegians, guid glorious Glesga.

gonnae no dae that gonnae no


Aileen Jardine

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