Poetry Map of Scotland, poem no. 186: Lismore


From a rich soil of respect, understanding and honesty
With the freedom of the wind to be as we are
Our love is vast, like the moorlands of heather
Like the mists on the Highlands, it cannot be contained
The chains on the fisherman’s trawler
Don’t compare to the strength of our bond
When the storms of life come, as indeed they will
We won’t face these alone, but will be safe together,
Like the boats behind the old harbour walls at Anstruther,
Protected in the arms of our Creator

Belonging with another is not mere chance
It has, at its heart, God’s design
A marriage is the product of reason and choice
Like the weaver at his tweed
Selecting lasting wools
Like the shuttle and the loom
We simply work together
If our heart finds contentment
In the bustle of Auld Reekie
Or our souls are only stilled
By the tranquility on Lismore
Where we are loved and understood that is home
When you find the warmth of a hearth
In the heart of another
There you belong


Ruthanne Baxter

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