Poetry Map of Scotland, poem no. 222: Westray, Orkney

The North is wur home, but is the sea wur freend?

Hid deudno seem that wey the streen.

Whitna’ freend wid himmer doon the door
Haeve salt apae the windows
Dad the shaws aff the tatties
Rummel doon the dykes
Fleud the new girse
And tak back the tangles wae’d gathered all winter?

…but this morneen

Glimmeran and sheenan’
Lappan quietly under the banks
Fleud tide clearan awey the tang
Nee more bruck fae the ebb
Six bonnie skiffs settan oot tae sail
Gae’an us ceuithes fur wur supper..

…a freend indeed.


Fiona Cowan

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