Poetry Map of Scotland, poem no. 231: Fochabers

Restoration ‘A’ Listed 2009
(Gordon Chapel, Fochabers)

Today they climbed the scaffold, and even angels
are losing sleep at my beauty made naked, my
Burne Jones eyes removed. Stripped of dignity, my stones

pitted and pocked, my patched roof sagging with lost slates,
nail sickness. I am shrouded in canvas, waiting –

one hundred and seventy five years of grace since
master masons tools worked. Wearied by pollution

my soft harled coat of sand and lime broken, crumbled
to the ingress and egress of age on mortar.

For the first time today they climbed the scaffold but
it held no fears. I am restored this way – when I
shall brag of my glory again and shine on thee.


Eilidh Thomas

First published in the group magazine TRED6 (2011)

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