Poetry Map of Scotland, poem no. 237: Dunfermline

The Green Knight from Dunfermline Toune


He said he was from Dunfermline.

Dunfermline ?

I googled it right away

and there was this old king there

drinking the blood-red wine.

No, reader, it wasn’t exactly as in the medieval ballad.

No doomed knights for me.

He is a miner’s son, a soldier.

Yes, reader, I married him !

Each other day I go along Queensferry Road to small Asda.

The town hall clock tower looks like a green knight.

Wee fast food outlets are packed – school crowds are out for lunch.

Flocks of hungry black birds in their striped ties.

They grow so quickly. Then disappear.

Only a single plastic fork is left on the pavement now.

The toune like an ancient sleepy tortoise

rests between the hills.

The one-eyed Green Knight

standing guard forever.


Zofia Badura Neilson

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