Poetry Map of Scotland, poem no. 243: Easter Road

The Easter Road Chronicle
Every shopkeeper is a philosopher
on the road that is Easter.
Every charity shop a witness
to the second hand moving.
Every cafe smoker
optimistically outside
in all weathers and traffic.
Every dog owner and their
carrier bags, though gifts
are often left on pavements.
Every day on the chewing gum-
speckled-tarmac the pigeons peck.
Gulls raid the bin-bags,
honk at the cars as faces old
or new move upstream,
downstream, cross-stream.
Every homeless person at home
outside of the supermarket.
Every hairdresser gazing
out of Wednesday windows.
Every police horse
watching the supporters
of invading tribes in their
clan colours.
Every bus stop
and take away coffee,
leading away.
Every day the same
play, with new dialogue.
Kevin Cadwallender

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