Poetry Map of Scotland, poem no. 246: Colinton Mains

In Suburbia
One of the first things to become familiar was the pair 
of  mop-haired brothers who unhurried delivered
the Evening News to the old man opposite
in  their school clothes and sneakers around 5 o' clock 
sack straps across their left shoulders and fluorescent 
under their right arms they would walk calmly up his path 
and down again then turn right off the Drive
out of sight along the lane around the back before
appearing again on the bridge down the cutting
and onto the Loan. 
                                  It cheered me to see them through 
that first sad summer then the turning back of the
clocks and the heavy snows and my first spring here
and sometime before the second winter the smaller
boy was gone and his brother already a close-cropped 
young man did the paper round on his own at the same pace.
Next season the old man stopped cutting his own lawn
one of his neighbours went into  residential care 
the other side had a second child by which time I had  homed in 
on  the best places  to find blossom 
                                                                            autumn leaves.


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