Poetry Map of Scotland, poem no. 249: Largs

I came to Largs in awe a sunder, bought a flat then began tae wonder,
Whit is this place they ah speak about, I bought a bike tae gae in find out
My, oh my, whit a bonnie toun, I saw my sel gae’in roon an aroon,
Fae the lake  tae the marina nae boats tae plenty,
An inbetween a the sights are heftie
Tall church spires just like the cones oh ice cream just tae chill yer bones
N’ that wind which hails fae nae’whaur just go inside and say a wee praur
I wiz working then, ah ower the place, fae largs tae Tireee and auld Rothesay
I didnae hae time to enjoy it ah!, but now im retired on the Gogo burr
I watch the watter just trickling by in the summer when its awfy dry
In the winter this year a weather bomb came so ah run awa and jumped on a plane
So am in Tunisia the day and saw this project fir poems tae play
I thoucht well, well, lets just see whit comes tae mind about old An Leargaidh



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