Poetry Map of Scotland, poem no. 257: the Forth Bridge

Solids and Gaps

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The bridge, though in no Bible, often makes 

a Christian symbol, as in pontifex.

Painting the Forth Bridge, though outfacted, still
means the done staying not done that always will.

Photographing the Forth Bridge in stereo,
when the bridge had had thirteen years' existence,
conjures? allows? depicts? recreates? -- though
monochrome, steel -- a looking in the distance.


Aidan Baker

To connect with StAnza's focus on architecture in 2016, we invited poems for the map which connect with buildings or structures in Scotland and are posting Aidan Baker's poem about the Forth Bridge as the first of these. Aidan's poem, along with half a dozen or so others, will also feature during the festival in the windows of shops and businesses in and around St Andrews as part of our Poetry Graffiti for StAnza 2016.


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