Poetry Map of Scotland, poem no. 267: Millport

Old Millie
I smile when I see the sea it feels like home.
Millie was so inviting she showed me history and took me on an enchanting tour.
There was no guide just sweet wee Millie quietly whispering and uncovering lots of treasure, to those who would listen, to those who would enable her Beauty to be seen.
There was a wee story that the street behind the Newton bar lay an enchanted wall, legend has it that when the moon was full the wall would open to reveal a secret garden. 
There's a crocodile shaped rock treasured among new comers and old comers.
Now mr croc is subject to the new selfie or two but before it would just be the old disposable camera point and snap.
Millie is full of surprises in every little nook and cranny there is something for everyone.
I've had mint ice cream that tasted just like toothpaste don't knock it though until you've tried it.
There's rock pools with the odd pearl if your lucky.
Don't get jealous we have experienced the odd giant jellyfish or two washed up for a stinging session on the beach.
There's also the butcher they do good picnic items for a good beach barbie most people prefer Kames Bay but the other beaches are equally good. 
In the end I have to leave so I take a deep breath and whisper........ Thank you Millie. 
Lindsay Kinloch


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