Poetry Map of Scotland: poem no. 308

Tay Road Bridge    

Long and swift
You glide past
Quickly glancing
Oil rigs, seagulls, bikes.

Now joining
In grand silence
City and Kingdom
Points of ongoing return.

An emblem
Of ideas
Wildly changing
How we see our place.

Grasping sea
As undertow
And grumbling swirls
Claim your feet.

You hold fast
Through traffic,
Speeding trucks
Wrong turn fools.

Postcard sunsets
Frame your arms
Holding faith.

Lost ferries,
Loves and hopes
Midnight leaps
To Hades' depths.

While new days
Offer hope
Meetings kindled
Quick trips planned.

A wonder
Like your nearby sister
Who curves to greet you
Tay Road Bridge.

Susan P. Mains

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