Poetry Map of Scotland: poem no. 311

b o n e  b r e a k e r

I wake to find bog asphodel
on my pillow   saffron orange   dried   plucked from
peaty moorland by the edge of Loch Staoineig
I’d been foraging St John’s Wort
to press inside my vest beside my breast
to ward off the evil eye
but the seed heads of the asphodel
lit up the bracken and the heather
and as I picked my way to the harbour of the coracle
where Columba landed &
monks piled penance-pebbles high
I wove it through my wind-wracked hair
then set to combing the Atlantic scoured beach for
violet quartz or crystallised granite or
green marble mermaid’s tears
before returning   pockets rock-rich
to Lagandorain
by way of the bay at the back of the ocean &
the knoll known as the hill of the angels

Kay Ritchie

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