Poetry Map of Scotland: poem no. 314

Alloa: Past and Present

Look aboot ye, see the changes
A town well set, north side of the Forth,
Shipyards, harbour and a trading port to Europe
A multitude of industry, swallowed up and swept away.
Economy relied and thrived on the trade
But competition grew and the factories closed,
Breweries, textiles and mines were all affected,
Finalising the closure of our well loved railway line.

Look aboot ye, see the changes
Retail and leisure is now what we do.
Football, golf courses, swimming and fitness
Supermarkets, new train station, Wi-Fi and queues.
Gone are the old schools, replaced with the new
Raised sculptures that symbolise the changes to come,
But the A listed glassworks, town hall and tower,
Survived picture houses, cobble streets and toilets underground.

Marie Carmichael

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