Poetry Map of Scotland poem no. 48: Ceres


A Tailor baling cloth at Teuchats swore
blind he’d seen a sneak thief near Baltilly with a tup.

The Molecatcher and Ropemaker from Sodom and Gomorrah
told the congregation of an angel over Cassindilly way.

A Saddler from Laddedie gouged tally marks
and secret signs on fabled elms at Edenwood that day.

A Millwright netting butterflies on Magus Muir was sure
he heard diurnal owls hooting at the moon.

The Midwife and a Sick-Nurse, bunking up at Barbarafield, caught
the stench of burning flesh from Struthers Barns.

A Milliner from Kinninmonth told anyone who’d listen
of the sighing of a dying man somewhere west of Bandirran.

A Vintner and the Weavers’ Agent, both at Gathercauld, could not
recall exactly what they saw by Teasses Mill.

A Flaxman from Tarvit Farm would later boast
a thousand fireflies flitting up the Findas road in broad daylight.

The daughter of the slaughterman, guddling in the Ceres Burn,
foretold the fall of Icarus at a milestone near Callange.

Lindsay Macgregor

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