Poetry Map of Scotland poem no. 51: Scotland, from Aberdeen to Ardnamurchan Point

Scotland My Scotland

Scotland my Scotland, my Africa, my own land, from Aberdeen to Ardnamurchan Point, I give you Ae Fond Kiss.

Blackpudding for Breakfast. Burns for Supper.
Buzzards, tiny on the skyline as they chase away the eagle.

Castles and Claymores; Cathedral Cities, Clachan pubs.

Drystane Dykes, Dunces, Down-and-outs and Drunks.

Estuaries, Edinburgh. Explorers and Emigrating Engineers.

Falcon and Fieldfare, Firths and Feu duties.

Glamis, Glasgow. Gallous Grannies playing Golf.

Heather Honey, Heron, Heraldry. Hill beyond Hill beyond Hill.

Islands and Inlets. Italian Ice-cream.

Jams and jellies and jeely pieces. And why do they call us Jock?

Kilts and Kerry-oots.

Lochs and Lochans; the Lion Rampant, gi’ing it Laldy.

Majestic mountains, memorable mists and the misery of midgies.
Muir, McDiarmid, Morgan, McCaig. And Mary, Queen of Scots.

Nevis and Nessie and North Sea oil.

O for my Own land, On Yersel’ hen.
Otters and Ospreys, Oatmeal and Angus Og.

Pride. Scottish Pride - our bread and butter.
Porridge, Presbyterianism, passing places, peat bogs and pedagogues.
Patriotism, pop groups and paths that peter out.

Queen’s views; Quality fudges.

Rain and Rain and Rousing choruses at football matches - our support is stronger than our team.

Sheep. Salmon. Shenanigans and sheltering in the storm.
The Scott Sutherland Commando Monument,
This land their training ground.

T is for Tourists trying to get served; for Tall tenements, and wee toddies
for the toothache.

Umbrellas, abandoned broken in the street.

Very hot Vindaloo

Whisky and Weather, Woolly rugs and Weather, Walkers and wading birds. Wild and Wonderful Wester Ross.

X is for xxx-ing out a few mistakes, I wish we could. For Centres of Excellence and drinking to Excess.

Y is Yous Yins, listenin’ tae this.

Zzz?Scotland my Scotland, my zareba, my Africa, my own land, I love you.

A B Murray

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