Poetry Map of Scotland poem no. 52: Anstruther

Maggie Lauder - Anster Fair

(Excerpt - the full poem runs to 3544 lines)

While some of Troy and pettish heroes sing,
And some of Rome and chiefs of pious fame,
And some of men that thought it harmless thing
To smite off heads in Mar’s bloody game,
And some of Eden’s garden gay with spring,
And Hell’s dominions terrible to name, --
I sing a theme far livelier, happier, gladder,
I sing of ANSTER FAIR, and bonny MAGGIE LAUDER.

What time from east, from west, from south, from north,
From every hamlet, town and smoky city,
Laird, clown and beau, to Anster Fair came forth,
The young, the gay, the handsome, and the witty,
To try in various sport and game their worth,
Whilst prize before them MAGGIE sat, the pretty,
And after many a feat, and joke, and banter,
Fair MAGGIE’s hand was won by mighty ROB the RANTER.

William Tennant (1784-1848)
Suggested by Iain Gray

William Tennant was born in Anstruther. He started his career as a village schoolmaster, but ended it as Professor of Oriental Languages at St Andrews.

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