Poetry Map of Scotland poem no. 54: Aberdeen

(After Epithets by Jamie McKendrick)

Aberdeen the isolate, the quartz-worked-with-difficulty, the obdurate,
the sea road to Zetland, the Apardjon of Morkinskinna, the salt-breathed,
the grey, the scarlet-gowned, the double-universitied, the black-golded,
the helicoptered, the 'unclean' of '64, the low maintenance stone sheen, the solid.

Aberdeen the butteried, the bon accord-ed, the ashet-assiette, the bosie,
the river-girdled, the haar-happed, the kirn of beast and fish mart,
the reckless siller granite-howked, the fit, faa and foo sounds, the heck,
the owsen sic words the same in Flanders-spik, gied up by merchant men.

Aberdeen the sceptical, the wide light elliptical, the dirty scuttering gull
harboured, the saft green, the egostical, the glittering lat thame say!
the hard blaze of mica schist, the trysting cornered Monkey House.

Aberdeen the transient, the tender, the Piper-Alpha-melted-hard-hats
the paper-machied, the fechtin, warslin, singin place, the blunt spik,
the spare Gothic-ribbed, the durable; roch and weet and sweet.


Sheila Templeton
Previously published in Digging For Light (2010)

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