Poetry Map of Scotland poem no. 7: St Andrews Harbour

St. Andrews Harbour

The tide goes up and down against these walls
whose stones, unmortared, have withstood the years
of constant washing. Water rises, falls

with measured regularity, giving the piers
a shifting look. The tangled veil, now dried,
now soaked, of bladderwrack appears

and disappears according to the tide.
Herring-bone sand reveals its presence, then
submerges. Here, where land and sea collide,

one could fall off the edge. The elements
feel stronger here: air, water, earth and fire
distilled by wind as salt and oxygen.

History lurks, buried in sand and mire,
drowned sailors, rib-cage ships, dismembered dreams,
now lost in sea and sand, a world entire
where all is clear but nothing what it seems.

Lyn Moir


Where better to visit on a sunny morning than St Andrews Harbour, as our next stop.

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