Relearning worlds

Sunday 28 June 2020

Join poet/tutor Polly Atkin for our StAnza Zoom summer workshop.

Photo: Kay Adkins

In this online workshop we will focus on writing the very local, and the very everyday: the things we see and touch all the time but perhaps do not notice, or notice and do not value. As the limits of many of our daily existences have shrunk during lockdown, some of us have found renewed appreciation or renewed disdain for the things that surround us, and make up our worlds. How well do you know the things and places you live amongst?

Through reading a selection of poems, and guided exercises, we will work on expanding our confined worlds by delving into them, re-imaging them in scale and scope. We will practice re-familiarising ourselves with aspects of our worlds which have become unfamiliar, and de-familiarising ourselves with aspects of our new existences that have become mundane in their constant presence.

This workshop will be led by leading poet Polly Atkin, who has recently won a Northern Writers Award. It will take place online via Zoom. Those who apply to take part will have to confirm that they have an account with Zoom. A formal invitation to the Zoom workshop will be issued shortly before the date of the workshop.

The workshop will last approximately 90 minutes and will take place on Tuesday 21 July, either at 2.30pm or 7.00pm, BST. It will be limited to a maximum of ten people signing up. Those who would like to take part are invited, in the first instance, to email and indicate whether they would prefer the afternoon or the evening slot. There will only be one workshop but we will fix it for the time slot preferred by the majority of the first ten people applying. If anyone is unable to attend the slot chosen, their place will be offered to those on the waiting list.

There will be a charge of £5.00 for taking part in this workshop. We will provide information on payment, which must be online either by Paypal or bank transfer, to those who are successful in obtaining a place.

If you would like to take part in this workshop, please email StAnza on with "Relearning worlds workshop" in the subject line.