The Remedies - Review by DURA

Friday 17 February 2017

"Katharine Towers’ second poetry collection, The Remedies, is
a clarion call to a kind of modern day  transcendentalism. She might
not wear a hairshirt or, Walden-like live off the land in the woods,
yet, as a poet, she does invite us to consider the lilies, to look at
small miracles and moments of extraordinariness that arise from those
quiet moments of contemplative introspection."

These lines are from the opening paragraph of a review on the DURA website by Gail Low of The Remedies by Katherine Towers who will be reading at StAnza on 5th March at 11.30am. We shall also have a small installation based on The Remedies in the Chemist Shop at the Preservation Trust Museum, running from Thursday through to Sunday, 2 - 5 March. Do make sure not to miss it if you're at the festival. Meantime,  to read the whole review, go to the DURA webpage