Roll up and vote in the StAnza Digital Slam

Friday 13 July 2012

Photo by Long Nguyen

Ladies and gentlemen, boys, girls, poets and spoken word artists, welcome one and all to the StAnza Digital Slam 2012!

The StAnza judges have worn out their headphones and risked clinical screen-burn to whittle down the wonderful entries to a shortlist of the crème de la crème of internet poetry performances.

The diversity and quality of the entries was staggering. Poems of all shapes and sizes were recorded in bike sheds, forests, graveyards, underneath towers, in front of live audiences, and in recording studios. Poets ranging from their teens to their sixties, award-winning to unpublished, and in a variety of languages, sent in entries from as far away as Denmark and the USA, and as close to home as St Andrews itself.

Entries have been scored by a panel of judges for Content and Performance to produce the shortlist you can see in alphabetical order below – but the overall winner will be decided by you!

After you've watched all the entries, scroll down find to find the voting widget where you can show your support for the poet/spoken word artist you think should win.

Shortlisted slammers - yes, you are allowed to vote for yourself.

Without further ado, the shortlist!

1. Jo Bell - The Shipwright's Love Song

2. Kareem Parkins Brown (Kuaint) - Grey Gang


3. Kevin P. Gilday - The Vision (Jesus of Possil)

4. Harry Giles - Panic

5. Elspeth Murray and Richard Medrington - The Ambassador's Lament

6. Tila and Tavelah Robinson - The Twins

7. Anthony Robson - Wailing Daily

8. Edwin de Voigt - Planeet Nu

9. Tony Walsh (Longfella) - A Girl, Like, Y'Know

10. Donnie Welch - Hawaiian Shirts

11. JL Williams - The Library

12. Chris Young - The Minotaur


Thanks to everyone who took part!

Click here for the results.