Saturday at StAnza: live and tweeting; plus Friday's reviews

Saturday 17 March 2012

It's a bright sunny morning in St Andrews and the first event of the day has just finished: a multimedia Poetry Breakfast in which people live tweeted questions. In the Byre Theatre Garden, artist John Neilson has just started his day's work: carving lines from a poem in stone. Coming up next is Words Alive, with Jackie Kay, a fabulous show for children, ahead of the big reading for adults tonight at 8pm in the auditorium. There's heartrending and comic drama with Martin Figura's Whistle at 2.15pm and the Edward Thomas biographer, Matthew Hollis, in conversation at 3.30pm and  Check today's programme on our website for the whole caboodle.

Friday is always when the festival goes up a gear. More people arrive for the weekend and what is already a busy festival goes into hyperdrive. Here are of couple of photos from yesterday's events. The Clydebuilt showcase event featured five stunning performances from poets who were chosen for this Glasgow mentoring scheme. Here they are minutes before the start of the reading: William Bonar, Samuel Tongue, Eveline Pye, Irene Hossack, and Nuala Watt. Eveline read a poem about the 'space' one inhabits before a reading, and this photo, taken by John Starr shows that anticipation. The five were so impressive that they were booked immediately afterwards by someone in the audience - for a gig at the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum (details to be finalised). Which is what showcases are for!

Moving swiftly on - last year's open mic was such a great success that we decided to repeat the experience. Once again Zest, the juice bar which hosted the event was packed out. My favourite image from this is of Irish poet Tony Curtis, reading in front of a kiwi poster. everyone enjoyed themselves as you can see.

Our team of bloggers are out and about and will be reporting on more events and StAnza adventures later today. Meanwhile check out our upcoming webcasts here. Happy St Patrick's Day!