StAnza 2018 Edinburgh Preview

Tuesday 9 January 2018

(c) artwork by Rachel Hazell

If you like to have your StAnza programme in paper and ink, the good news is that the StAnza brochure for 2018 is almost ready and packed with exciting listings. It will be available fresh from the printers at our Edinburgh preview event in just 14 days time.

As ever, thanks to our generous and welcoming hosts, our Edinburgh preview event takes place at the National Library of Scotland, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EW. This year it's on Tuesday 23 January at 6pm, and we’re very grateful to the NLS for their support. There will be short readings from three of poets on the StAnza 2018 programme, Miriam Gamble, Jay Whittaker and Andrew Blair, plus some music from the Tone Poets, who will be playing at our Poetry Market on 10 March. As well the poetry and music, there will be a round-up of some of the festival highlights. It promises to be a delightful hour of entertainment and festival information, a great way to get up to speed quickly on what will be on offer in St Andrews in March. If you’re in the Edinburgh area, be sure not to miss it. It’s a free event but please book a seat by emailing us on, or phoning 07391 247 661.