StAnza stories...whisky, happiness and tea with Jackie Kay

Sunday 15 January 2012

As you all know by now StAnza's tickets are on sale and the programme is online to peruse. The Scotsman's Bookworm has already had a look at what's on offer and so here's our first news story for 2012. Thanks, Bookworm!

You'll notice a lovely story in there about a poem by Katrina Naomi, who appeared at StAnza last year and was inspired to write about it and whisky. The poem is in the latest issue of The London Magazine. StAnza is well known for being convivial and for providing pastries, pies and nibbles with its Poetry Cafe tickets. Plus elsewhere, there's the menu at the Byre Theatre's Kingarroch restaurant to try and the cafes and restaurants in st Andrews. So if you do miss out on the tea and cakes with Jackie Kay, there are plenty of other wonderful foodie happenings to enjoy!