Stephanie Green on Day 5: Was it all a dream?

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Sunday 18 March

As always during  StAnza , listening to a waterfall of poetry each day, I've entered a virtual reality of poetic images and this festival literally - blogging daily.  It's been fun, though busy, busy.

Also, rushing around taking snaps for this blog and StAnza's website gallery archives, seeing the world through a camera lens has added a dimension to the festival's exploration of the Image,  musing on the themes of perception, framing, point of view, focus, the cold eye, the moving eye  and so on,  both in art and in poetry.  Not only the artist/poet's p.o.v.   but the observer/reader/listener's and so on. Not just the image but the experience it evokes....

Much to ponder on.  Notes to read through and digest.  Who knows perhaps my own poems will benefit?

The poets, poetry and art installations were the main thing, without whom etc. But being at the festival as a volunteer, has also let me experience first hand,  just how much behind the scenes and front of house hard work goes on. A hundred times' more work than my little mite.  A daily miracle in fact: a small army of people, many of them volunteers,  pulling together.  But like a good trooper, I must not dispel the magic for the audience. Continue to believe it all happened with the wave of a magic wand, wielded by Fairy Godmother, Eleanor Livingstone.

But thanks to Eleanor and thanks to Annie, for letting me come to the ball.

And since the Image was the theme, I  leave you readers with a series of images from the festival.

More stone carvings by Line Cutter John Neilson (on show in the gardens of  the Preservation Trust Museum, St. A) and  inside the museum, part of the Poem Pedlar's Pearls' collection, a last image - a shirt with the perennial subject of most poetry.