Talking nonsense

Wednesday 2 May 2012

One of our most successful Past & Present events some years ago was when Annie Freud, talking about T.S. Eliot, was paired with Janice Galloway, talking about Lear. Those who enjoyed that, or missed it, might be interested in an essay series on BBC Radio 3  this week. Sara Lodge from theUniversity of St Andrews (who took part in another very successful StAnza event on Robert Louis Stevenson) has been involved in creating a week long series to celebrate Lear’s bicentenary. It is being broadcast this week, with a different essay each week-day evening  (Monday 30th April to Friday 4th May) at 10.45 pm. There is also the 'listen again' facility on iPlayer, available via the Web. Sara’s own essay was broadcast on Monday 30th - it is about Lear, Romanticism, the sublime, and loss. The other contributors are Matthew Bevis on Tuesday, talking about Lear and the 'story' of nonsense in the Victorian period; Robert Crawford on Wednesday, talking about Lear's acoustic and his literary legacy in the work of T. S. Eliot and others; the art historian Caroline Arscott on Thursday talking about Lear's landscapes and his pictures of tortoises; and the cartoonist Ralph Steadman on Friday, talking about what he and Lear have in common.