Thank you for the support!

Saturday 29 October 2016

(c) Olivia Vitazkova

It's slightly overwhelming that some people are being generous to StAnza as part of our Grow your Tenner fundraising campaign to help us fill some of the shortfall in our income for 2017, with donations from £2 upwards.  As well as the financial support, it's so encouraging to know how lovely and generous our followers and supporters are.  The Grow your Tenner, where donations of up to £10 are match funded, continues until 18th November, or as long as the match funding pot lasts. So if you haven't got round to giving yet, there still time. Every pound you can manage helps and is very welcome, and worth twice it's value at present. You can read more about the campaign at our previous blog entry or go direct to our funding page. It may be a cliche, but what would be the cost of a coffee to you can really help StAnza deliver another great festival next year. And thanks again!