Unfinished: Guest Blog from Robin Jones

Monday 22 December 2014

Jones, RobinAs part of our Unfinished Business theme at StAnza 2015 in March, we will be showing an installation of extracts from the magazine DIN: Unfinished. The DIN editor Robin Jones will also be taking part in the Friday morning Poetry Breakfast panel discussion on poetry's unfinished business. In this guest blog he gives some background context to this. NB WARNING - CONTAINS EXPLICIT ADULT LANGUAGE!

"It is an observation so quotidian that it bores me even as I write it, but the fact remains that DIN: Unfinished, the second issue of DIN Poetry magazine, came very close to not being finished. The launch on the 22nd of this month, I am relieved to report, has saved us from self-parody.

This issue contains both poems and prose with each entry attending, in one way or another, to something unfinished. In some cases the poem itself is unfinished and a movement between drafts is documented. Other entries represent a finished fragment of a larger unfinished work. We have also included a few that deal directly with “unfinished” in their themes. To preserve the submissions none were typeset; each was printed, scanned, and presented exactly as submitted by the writer.

DIN2 features poems from Tom Pow, Alistair Findlay, Alastair White, Dave Coates and Andy Powell. We are also particularly proud to include in this issue two works of translation: an excerpt from Alasdair Gray’s translation of Dante’s Divine Comedy and another from Colin Donati’s translation of Dostoyevksy’s Crime and Punishment.

As with the first issue we hope that DIN won’t just make for good reading but that it looks and feels good in your hands too. If you see one at StAnza do pick it up and take a look.

To give you an idea of how DIN looks, here’s a draft of Al White's Unfinished Poem about Horses and W***ing. Al was the first to contribute to this issue, so this one’s been in my drawer for a wee while. Too long, in fact. The poem may even be finished by now.

See you all in March."

Robin Jones

Editor, DIN Poetry